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Poland is the largest apple producing country in Europe and the third-largest in the world. The annual apple crops reach a volume of around 4 million tons. About 70% of that number is destined for export. Polish apples are so popular with consumers because of their exceptional quality, rich flavor and diversity of varieties.


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Poland Fruit

We are a fruit-exporting company, seated in Poland. We specialize in apples. We have a vast international experience, extensive contacts amongst largest fruit producers and logistics operators – we consider it our unique value and capital. These qualities enable us to deliver quickly, efficiently and for competitive prices. Above all, we strongly believe in our products – top quality, premium freshness, Polish fruits. Our mission is to share those with the world!


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Our Apples

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Royal Gala

Red apple, sometimes covered with delicate yellow-green vertical stripes. Gala Royal is a small and medium size fruit, very crispy and aromatically sweet. It has crispy, creamy, yellow flesh. 


Red Delicious

Medium-sized apple, with a tall conical shape. The fine-grained flesh is creamy white, crisp and juicy and offers a mildly sweet taste with flavors of melon. Overall Red Delicious can be quite a refreshing apple to eat.


Red Jonaprince

A deep red sweet apple. The pulp is very firm, cream-green, sour sweet and odorous with high taste qualities. Due to the close-grained pap the fruit have long storage life and appetizing look.

Polish apples are entered into the European Union Register of designations of origin and geographical indications protected in the EU. Their merits are the result of the areas' climatic conditions, where the specific microclimate dominates. These apples are beautifully stained, starting from burgundy, through red, pink, yellow, ending with green. They are crunchy and have a distinctive taste and aroma.


The spices which Poland Fruit offer are exceptionally juicy, aromatic and firm. Our apples enter the market every year in September and supply lasts until May.


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